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Dating unsure

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"Two minutes of missionary, rolls over, watches Burn Notice" is not how to get a woman off. No amount of "sorries" make up for repeated little thoughtless-nuggets like this.5.

He's not considerate in bed even though you've basically been frank about how it's not working for you. You have to sit there for 20 minutes by yourself when he's inevitably late for no good reason.

There is a certain point, however, where you can let your guard down and know that the relationship is real and there's no sign it's going to end.

Aside from the formal discussions, game-changing decisions and Kodak moments, there are some subtler ways of knowing if things are going from gray to golden. This goes beyond making out or the occasional butt pinch in public.

But there are more significant differences that will spell big trouble over the long haul, and these are usually the kind that relate to innate qualities or ingrained habits.

In the early phases of a relationship, when idealism and romanticism can cloud clear thinking, it’s easy to dismiss differences as insignificant when in fact they’re very significant.

You're discovering the other person and maybe even falling in love, but also keeping your guard up.

Questions arise such as whether to use the “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” titles, who is going to take down his or her online dating profile first and when to start showing routine signs of coupledom, such as holding hands or using pet names in public.