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Dallas & Son Ltd., in a fitted case CONDITION REPORT There is a small crack at base of mouthpiece, a scratch around bell of saxophone, minor tarnish to some keys More details VINCENT BACH INTERNATIONAL LTD ' ELKHART' LATE 20TH CENTURY GILT METAL ALTO SAXOPHONE No HL 02568 in two parts on plush lined and fitted case, 26" (66cm) high overall with SELECTION OF REEDS (good with minor scratches and stains) More details A group of modern Italian silver toys, mostly stamped ".925", the sewing machine stamped ".800", comprising:- a flat iron and stand, a baby in pram, a golfer in full swing beside his golf bag, a grandfather clock, a pair of bellows, a rocking chair, a small chair, a violin and bow, a harp, a sewing machine on wood stand, a euphonium and a saxophone (14).

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On one hand they capture much more of what’s in front of them but the downside is they add a bubble like distortion to the image. It shows the same scene shot with both lenses so you can see the difference.(If you’ve always wondered why low budget films, even those shot in HD, don’t quiet look right it’s because the cinematographer or director used wide angle lenses throughout the whole thing, so everything’s in focus and the background becomes distracting, whereas Hollywood films narrow the focus on the subject.)So why don’t laptop web cams and iphone cams use telephoto lenses? Number 1, they’re more expensive and more bulky than wide angle lenses.Telephoto lenses, on the other hand, show images without distortion but are way too “zoomed in” and compress near and far objects giving a shallow dept of field (subject is crisp, background is blurred) meaning it has to be focused just right or else the subject will be blurry. Number 2, they have a much more shallow depth of field so you either have to hold it the perfect distance away from your face and not move or make one that constantly auto re-focuses, which would get expensive.

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