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Sexaholics Anonymous defines a sex addict as someone who "has lost control, no longer has the power of choice, and is not free to stop." Sex addicts feel lust the way drug addicts feel a craving for their drug.

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January: Read a book published the same year you were born. Get in a time capsule, and read a book that reflects the culture, views, and lifestyle of the era of your birth. March: Read a book that has been made into a movie. Find out which of your favorite scenes from a book ended up on the cutting-room floor and which made it to the silver screen. What book kept you up late into the night, reading under your covers with a flashlight because you just couldn’t put it down? Booklist Online, Nove List, Fiction Connection, Good Reads, Library Thing). Check out any book blog out there, and see why that book was worth talking about. Some of the greatest literary achievements are works that have been written far away from the U. July: Read a book you found via a library database/website (e.g.

Participants can bring their own coloring books, pages, pencils and markers, etc.The committee came up with these suggestions, perfect for anyone looking to diversify their reading or to get out of a reading rut! Ask for an interlibrary loan for material from another library 13. Log in and see what new book you can discover using these valuable reading tools. August: Read a genre or format you don’t usually read. Check out what your neighbors are reading and discussing over cookies and coffee. Books win awards for a reason—usually because they are great. The 24/7 Helpline is supported in part by a grant from the Administration on Aging, U. We can provide care consultation services to you by telephone, e-mail or in person.