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Ensuite sur les autres tchat aléatoires, parfois le temps de chargement de la nouvelle personne avec qui discuter peut être super long ! Toute personne insultante ou ayant des propos déplacés sera éjecté pour le bien de tous et toutes.
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Zoey believes that when Erik Changed and became an adult Vampyre, his character changed as well.

She was aware that he had a new sex drive and became jealous and possesive of her.

They had to climb a mountain before they experienced the Transfiguration.

For most of us it’s just a matter of finding a quiet place in the house or stepping out onto the porch.

You recall Jesus’ transfiguration: While Jesus was at prayer on a mountaintop, Peter, James, and John witnessed Him become “more brilliant than the sun.” Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus, and the disciples heard them discussing his “exodus.” The scene culminated with a cloud (the Shekinah, or cloud of God’s glory) overshadowing the mountain as God the Father proclaimed, “This is my beloved Son, listen to him” (Lk -35).

We all want to hear God’s voice the way Peter, James, and John did; and the narrative of Jesus’ Transfiguration gives us a blueprint for doing that – a practice known as lectio divina, “divine reading.” We have it easy compared to the apostles.

@Alina On Your Mind @fameolousent You don't know she didn't do that first. (@Dre Canis) April 25, 2017 @fameolousent Actually, her friends have already stepped up and said it wasn't her man. They think someone who sins is a "bad person." Actually, the Hebrew word chet does not mean sin at all.Chet appears in the Bible in reference to a slingshot which "missed the target." There is nothing inherently "bad" about that slingshot!Shekinah Anderson, who is Tameka “Tiny” Cottle‘s on again, off again bestie, was violently attacked by a man she was apparently seeing. She doesn’t deserve the ridicule that resulted after she posted this pic. Shekinah posted then deleted the above pic showing her battered face in the aftermath of the violence. A few heartless social media users accused Shekinah of attention seeking. At the time of the deletion, Shekinah boasted over 2.4 million followers. — k Aren (@kr0natr0n) April 24, 2017 @kr0natr0n @Mz_Ta Bu @fameolousent You don't know if she posted this picture first to seek attention.. (@Gorgeously Flawd) April 25, 2017 #Repost @birdsbeesandbs with @repostapp ??? You need His Word so that His Kingdom may more fully come and His will be more fully done in your life.